A feeble attempt to compose a worldwide poem

Von | 10. Juli 2008

The modern poet of the keys
today inscripts his frieze
on the sketchy fleeting screen
with the tongue of the Queen.

By the strange words, far born,
he uses for his poetry,
he can not get a simple bread
nor ticket for the local train.

He will not write a Scottish play
nor put in words one Irish day
but with working and allies
he could win the Austrian prize.

He left his home, it’s going to decline
like all the other empty hives,
it remains the worldwide one,
a lonesome bee, the swarm is gone.

Kategorie: Realitätsschatten

Über Patrick Beck

geb. 1975 in Zwickau, lebt nach Aufenthalten in Leipzig, Speyer und London in Dresden. Erzählungen, Essay und Dramatik u.a. in den Zeitschriften „randlos“, „Der Maulkorb“, „Die Brücke“ und „Ostragehege“ sowie am Staatsschauspiel Dresden. Swantegard (Hörspiel), ERATA 2008.

3 Gedanken zu „A feeble attempt to compose a worldwide poem

  1. femme dandy

    my dear, it could well be
    that the poet is a she
    and her only reason to use
    queen’s tongue is the abuse
    of the angelchild man
    she could not get in 25 years —
    she finally blows the fuse
    and gets reward for her abuse.

  2. crysantheme

    is this my reward for re-establishing the fashion of triangular-relationships?

  3. fireman with an hour-glass

    Lass uns Holz hacken im Wald, so lange, bis der Engel aus seiner irdischen Krone kippt.


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